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This is the place to request tags to be added and also to suggest any changes to the tags that are currently in use. At the moment the plan is to add character: name and actor: name to the tags, however, there won't be pairing tags unless we end up with more than one pairing.

Tags currently in use:

!mod post [4]
article [0]
cast [0]
jackie reid [0]
robbie ross [0]
discussion [0]
episode rewatch [0]
episodes list [1]
dci jim taggart [0]
dci matt burke [0]
dci michael jardine [0]
fan art [1]
fan fiction [1]
all ages [1]
explicit [0]
mature [1]
teen and up [1]

Let me know if there are any tags you'd like to have added to the list, 1000 tags is the current free account limit.
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The majority of the linked icons posts are for Burke era and have been made and posted between 2010 and this year. There are a lot of huge posts so I'm just supplying links and if any icons don't load give LJ's scrap album dooda a kick as that's where some of them were first posted.

Various size batches

7 icons

9 lyric icons made for a [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo square.

6 lyric icons made for a [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo square.

2 icons

1 icons

69 icons

12 icons

64 icons

Series 27 batches (all capped manually from STV player before I got the DVDs)

91 Bad Medicine icons

85 Abuse of Trust icons

89 Silent Truth icons

52 Fallen Angels icons

126 Bloodsport icons

18 Bloodsport lyric icons

95 Ends of Justice icons

If you use any let me know
Credit [personal profile] lilly_c
Ask to use elsewhere (LJ etc)


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