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[admin post] Admin Post: Guidlines for posting fic and art


All pairings and ratings for fic are welcome, just remember to use the 'view with discretion' option for anything rated 15 and 18. Useful: BBFC ratings information.

Any fic longer than 250 words must be behind a cut tag or link to where you posted (your own journal, AO3 etc).

RPF/RPS fic is not allowed. This rule may be amended in the future.

Use a small header for all fic
A handy copy/paste template, do remember to remove the * otherwise the cut tag or link won't work


Icons for small batches a maximum of 10 can be posted without a cut tag and for large batches of 10 or more please use a cut tag. This is a good table generator for icons.

Wallpapers/Banners any images bigger than 640x480 must be behind a cut tag or use a thumbnail preview and link to where you've posted.

Videos music video is fine, just remember to use the 'view with discretion' option for anything that contains NSFW (not safe for work) content.

Any kind of art is welcome, be it drawings, cakes (it does happen!) can be posted, the three types listed above are the most commonly created for all fandoms in general.

The tags

These are the tags to use for fic and art posts: fan art, fan fiction, rating: all ages, rating: teen and up, rating: mature, rating: explicit.

The ratings tags: all ages is suitable for anyone to read, teen and up is suitable for anyone aged 12 and over, mature is suitable for anyone aged 16 and over, explicit is suitable for anyone aged 18 and over. Should you have any confusion with these, just give me a prod and I'll sort it out.

I will get around to creating both character and pairings tags at some point however there is a limit on how many tags I can create for the community.

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